Green Party 2008 National Convention - Chicago - July 10th-13th

Contact Us

Convention Coordinator, Ruth Weill

Ruth Weill

or call 414-350-2107

Press Contacts

GPUS Press/Media Contacts

Scott McLarty 202-518-5624

Starlene Rankin 916-995-3805

Delegate Contacts

If you have a question about your responsibilities as a delegate, please contact:

Volunteer Contacts

Volunteers should contact:

More information can be found on the Volunteer page

Candidate Contacts

Candidates should contact

Transportation Coordinator

If you have transportation questions, or would like some help coordinating with other Greens traveling to Chicago for the convention, please contact our Travel Coordinator at:

Home Stay Coordinator


Please contact the Home Stay Coordinator with offers to host greens, or request a Home Stay from local greens.

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